Max Gaming Technologies is an American video game developer, founded in 2001 by Adrian Wright.

It is best known as the creators of the Dark Horizons Lore series and the browser MMORPG - Realms at War.

List of developed games Edit

Game Title Platform Release Date
Dark Horizons Lore: Invasion Windows / Mac / Linux April 2004
Kachinko Windows / Mac / Linux April 2007
Lore: Aftermath Windows March 2009
iKachinko iPhone / iPod Touch May 2009
Gunrazor iPhone / iPod Touch May 2009
Jouce iPhone / iPod Touch May 2009
Rune Match iPhone / iPod Touch May 2009
Pumpkin Chop iPhone / iPod Touch October 2009
Tripple Attack iPhone / iPod Touch December 2009
Gunrazor Elite iPhone / iPod Touch February 2010

Upcoming GamesEdit

Game Title Platform
Tankerz Online Windows / Mac / Linux
Worddle iPhone / iPod Touch, PC
Worddle iPhone / iPod Touch, PC
Dark Frontier PC, Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360

External Links Edit

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